Does 'E' really equal mc^2? Maybe E=BF2?

  • Does 'E' really equal mc^2? Maybe E=BF2?

Happy New Year. Hope everyone had a good holiday season.

Back to school again, time to reminisce with old friends and attempt to make some new ones. Maybe this semester will be less work... no probably not.

On to more important things. Battlefield 2. If you like FPS and you are one of the elite few that have PC capable of enough FLOPS to cure cancer, this is definitely the game for you. The graphics are ridiculously amazing and the gameplay is addictive. I honestly bought this game, and I don't buy many games. If you have played any of the Battlefield Series games and liked them, and your PC is one heck of a workhorse, then pick up this game.

Most sites have features such as POTD (Picture of the Day) or SOTD (Site of the Day), well I'm going to start a new feature called... FOTP ( Feature of the Post). This will include just a cool thing I found or use, and a short blurb about it. So here goes the first FOTP.

FOTP: Maxthon

If you dislike the featureless IE and you are not sure you want to switch to the Flaming Fox Browser Thing. Then try this program. It was actually featured at CES and has won alot of awards.

Until next time... Peace out.