Poetry At It's Best...

  • Poetry At It's Best...

I ran across this on a link from Entensity.net

Roses are red, Violets are blue, All of my base Are belong to you.

Now on to more pressing issues.

The H2GP project that I have been working on for 9 months should be finished here in the next few months, its just a matter of getting some time to work on it. Battlefield 2 is actually receiving more of my attention than Halo 2 is at the moment, so I might have to make some modifications to the H2GP program to allow it to be more 'multi-game' friendly.

Ah... The internet, where really 'f'-ed up things are found.

Take for example, this.

And lastly for today's post, the FOTP.

FOTP: Kegbot, Your beer's bodyguard.

This project has been around for a while, and I would really like to see more updates to the project, but none the less, it definitely is cool. This project uses a Linux box, solonoid, and flow meter installed on a beer tap to control and record how much your guests drink. Each guest (if the system is setup this way) uses a "Smart Button" to login to the Linux box, then the solonoid opens and allows the beer to be tapped from the keg. The flow meter calculates how much was poored and the Linux box keeps all the stats and compiles a website from them with many interesting atributes. I think I need to build one of these, maybe even for a 'School Project'?