Well, time for a new beginning.

  • Well, time for a new beginning.

The web...

We all know it, and use it almost everyday. But I never realized how much work actually goes into a site, let alone the amount of work it takes to get MySQL, PHP and web server talking to each other. So, for now I am using The Uniform Server to host. This is running on a AMD K6-2 400Mhz OC box with Win 2000 (Yuck!). But I suppose for now with lack of cash being the word of the day, and no desire to move to Linux just quite yet. The only bad part is Apache in the build of TUS keeps crashing it seems like every time it writes to the MySQL DB. But I hope I can find the problem, because the alternatives will be a lot of work to implement.

Speaking of the web, I found a neat little article on my favorite news site that has some screenies of Web 1.0. It makes me chuckle to see some of these corporate websites that look like a 5-year-old did them. The web has come so far. Remember to sign up for digg, and digg the articles you like. Digg is nothing w/o us!