Digg vs. Digg Ripoff

  • Digg vs. Digg Ripoff

Kevin Rose and Jason Calacanis are going at it with remarks about each others sites. Just goes to show you how passionate these guys are.

Jason has offered to pay the top 10 'diggers' from digg to find and post stories on Netscape. This has upset Kevin, and a lot of the rest of the digg community, since digg.com has always been about community submitted material. There are no ranks, labels or special rewards for digging the most, or submitting tons of stories. Honestly, that's what I think makes it so good, and is part of the magic formula that makes digg function the way it does. Leo Laporte gives a recap of all of the stuff that has been going on in his article. Hopefully this will all end without bloodshed. :roll:

Post Edit: Here is another link that discusses the hot topic of paying content submitters of community based sites. (Should Community-Edited News Sites Pay Top Editors?, Mark Glaser)

By the way, if you haven't switched to Firefox yet, it truly is an amazing browser. Not to mention, free. If you have switched, convince someone else to do the same. They'll be happier with out ActiveX and virii destroying their system!