Learning as I Go...

  • Learning as I Go...

Over the last week, I have been working pretty hard on this site to get it too look nice, and function easily. It has been a rocky road with WP Plugins, HTML, JS, PHP and server software.

I found a solution to my server crashes, WAMP5. This program is much better, in my opinion, than The Uniform Server. Not to mention, configuring WAMP is a whole lot easier.

Along with new server software, a photo gallery, and some AJAX have been added. Plus a host of other cool stuff. This is all thanks to all of the great devs that write WP Plugins! Thanks guys!

Now, I just have to get my template to pass XHTML Verification. I have a feeling this will take a while to do, but for now, the page seems to be functioning correctly in both Firefox and IE6.

All comments on the site are welcome and encouraged! Problems on the site can be reported to me either via comments, or the 'email me' link at the left site of the page.