WTF is 'Wikiality'?

  • WTF is 'Wikiality'?

Well, first senator Ted Stevens makes himself look like an idiot, in front of all of Congress, now we have another idiot among the crowd. Don't get me wrong, Comedy Central has some funny shows, and I'm sure that Steven Colbert can be funny at times, but this is just annoying. Colbert told the audience to find the Elephant article on Wikipedia and to change it to falsify information. He calls being able to change information to suit your reality 'Wikiality'. All I have to say to him is, you are certainly a large douche. Thanks for trying to destroy what millions have worked hard to build. At least the antivandalism bots caught him, and the rest of the idiots trying to change the page. Not to mention, Colbert got banned.

Other tech news today includes someone who put a cellphone into a rotary phone case. Not really sure why, other than the 'what the heck' factor. It is completely portable, after all. And someone wrote some software that mimics a wiki, but works like notepad. So you can supposedly write pages of notes, and the program will be able to collect popular terms, (such as bach, in their example) and you can find all of the entries that match up to those tags. Sounds pretty slick to me.