Warped '06

  • Warped '06

Went to Van's Warped Tour Friday, man was it fun! Just not so much when 220 lbs guys try to crowd-surf... 8O

Bands that we (Shane and I) saw included, Senses Fail, Less Than Jake, Motion City Soundtrack, hellogoodbye, Armor for Sleep, NoFX, and a few more.

We attempted to take pictures with a $20 digital camera, but it kept erasing the pictures from its memory (gotta love volatile memory for storing precious data...). So I ended up taking a few pictures from VX5200 phone, but the quality stinks. Regardless, they are posted in the gallery under 'Warped Tour 2006'. I might see Shane has some better pictures on his Razr. I plan on going to Warped Tour '07, and hopefully armed with my digital camera.