Linux == MyFriend!

  • Linux == MyFriend!

Ubuntu, such a foreign sounding word... but I could almost say, it is my most favorite word as of right now! Ubuntu Dapper Drake has transformed my AMD K6-2 400Mhz machine into a more powerful webserver than I could have ever thought possible! Using XAMPP and eAccelerator to serve the pages quite speedily. It's still not comparable to the new Mac Pro with 16GB of Fully Buffered DRAM, but hey it works for me.

If you've never tried Ubuntu, or any other Linux distro, I encourage you to download a LiveCD. This allows you to boot the kernel right off the CD and see what it looks and runs like. If you like enough, you can install it right then and there.

I will have to say, jumping into Linux was a bit scary at first, but as I do more in it, it becomes more familiar and I welcome the change. Finally constant disk activity has disappeared and now there is memory to spare. I just hope the hard disk doesn't fail...