Site Changes...

  • Site Changes...

So, sometimes websites are kinda frustrating... I suppose partially because I don't completely understand php, html, javascript, AJAX, css, Linux apps, etc... But, I suppose learning can be fun, but it can also be demanding. Especially when you know what you want, but can't figure out how to achieve it.

Anyways, a few changes to the site. Lightbox now works correctly, AJAXWP is no longer integrated, due to too many problems it was causing, but the pages will fade in if you have a Mozilla based browser.

Also, someone used the contact form, but due to the way it was setup on the server, Gmail put it into my spam folder, and it was deleted... So if whoever did try to contact me would submit again, that would be great.

And as always, if you notice something broken or looking odd, please contact me.