Facebook Users Revolt.

  • Facebook Users Revolt.

Last Monday, the popular college social site, facebook, made a change in how the data was presented. When I logged in, I was pleasantly surprised to see a "NewsFeed" that displayed all of my friends activity over the last several hours/days. But I quickly noted that it seemed not as many people were happy about this new feature as I was. Groups such as "I HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK" were beginning to form, and by the middle of the week, one group had amassed over 700,000 members! They called the new features 'stalkerish' and did not like that they took up so much room. Over and over I repeated to myself, "What are these people thinking? All of the data was already there, now it is just consolidated! Web2.0 people!"

So on Friday, Mark Zuckerberg posted an open letter apologizing to the community, and said that they had hoped for a more positive response, but after two straight days of coding, new privacy controls are in place. Techcrunch posted their unbiased opinion on the whole matter.

I personally agree with Michael Arrington from Techcrunch,

"If this feature had been part Facebook since the beginning, their users would be screaming if Facebook tried to remove it."

Alwell, Facebook is growing, and at least it is listening to its members.