"Vector is Very Magical."

  • "Vector is Very Magical."

I've been pretty busy with programming projects for school lately, and I thought I would share them. They are nothing to fancy, just something to play with and look at. The first program is a CAD style program, it allows you to draw different specified objects, move them, change colors, etc... It was to practice GUI and Inheritance in Java. The second program is a simple OpenGL program that displays a textured rectangle on the screen and moves it around using a sine function. It will grow if you right-click it, and shrink if you left-click it.

The source is included with the OpenGL program, but if you are interested in the source for the CAD program, contact me. Both programs are pictured below, CAD program on the left, and OpenGL on the right. By the way, the quote in the title is from my professor, Dr. Xiao, who teaches both my programming classes. He's an awesome teacher.

oopProgram3.jpg cgProgram4.jpg