Another Year, Another Winter...

  • Another Year, Another Winter...

So, I guess this is my first post of 2007. The year so far has been a good one! I started my co-op position and its going quite well. The job can be fairly boring sometimes, however so far there have been quite a few challenges. I'm living with my cousin and his wife, and I am eternally grateful for them taking me in, room and board in the Cleveland area is way expensive! I usually am home on the weekends to see my family and catch up on the household chore-like things. It has been very cold lately, like single digits and below with the wind chill. Mark Nolan says "Arctic Air" from Canada has come down to visit... I don't care much for Canada's air.

I like to check in on my Linux box/Blog sometimes, I'm still surprised how well my site performs. I really hope over the next few years to learn more about PHP applications, and MySQL databases. Maybe I can write a WP Plugin or even help with development someday! My friend Ben is learning ASP .NET at work, and he is excited about that. We're just a bunch of geeks!

I want to start my Photo365 project pretty soon, hopefully before 2008! I guess that will happen soon enough!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!