Just A Day, Just An Ordinary Day.

  • Just A Day, Just An Ordinary Day.

I thought it might be nice to put up a quick update of what's been going on lately.  I have tons of stuff to talk about, so I'll have to post some more later.  And no, I don't especially love Vanessa Carlton, I just liked the sound of the words.

Anyways, for starters, I am currently employed at ABB part-time over the summer. This is pretty cool because in order for me to make the same amount of money every pay, I would probably have to work about 2.5 times more hours than I work here (Here being where I am right now). Not to mention the work isn't too difficult (Note the last parenthetical statement). Also, this summer, I finally embarked on the Great Journey (read Circuits II), hopefully it will turn out like I expect it to. Speaking of the Great Journey, I bought a Xbox 360 back in May, and it is leet. I tried to buy used, to save some bucks, but that was a bad idea. Out of the two used ones I had, neither worked... Regardless, I now have a pretty all white Core system, and the Halo 3 beta kicked serious butt!

turfyman's Gamercard

The new Transformers movie comes out today! It should be cool, I'm going to go see it at 10:20 PM tonight. I'll have to put up a post of what I thought of it. Today I had this for an away message... "Transfloormerz! Robuts in Da' Guys!" And Ben Radey messaged me with "transgenders! more than meets the eyes!". That was good for a laugh!

I've done a couple things to the site lately. First of all, I made a new header. I used the base Flash file that the snow header was created from, rewrote the action script, found a cloud image and did a little PSing, and it looks pretty good to me. I also dropped a Twitter javascript into my sidebar. So that's been a summary of the last couple months. I'll update again with more soon.