1,051,920 Minutes Old and Counting...

  • 1,051,920 Minutes Old and Counting...

No, thats not my age! Today my blog celebrates it's Two-Year Old Birthday. It happened to be by pure virtue that I was browsing in my archives today, and noticed that my first real post (besides test posts which I should delete) was on December 19th 2005.

Portal Cake!

My first post was actually written back when I had a Blogspot account, which is now owned by Google, and renamed to Blogger. These posts were then carried over onto a new install of Wordpress on my first server. The specs for that machine were: AMD K62 @ 400MHz, 92MB RAM, Windows 2000 Pro and XAMPP for the web services. There were a few other things that my server was doing for me, like running HoTTProxy and VibeStreamer, but all in all, everything was it slow and not very pleasant to use... Once I decided to take the plunge into Linux, the experience was a whole lot better. Basically from this point onward, I have loved my Linux experiences. I make reference in a post about how the server just performs better with Linux, and it is so true! Fast forward a bit, last November I got a new server, since Lake Twp. was going to auction off some old PCs. This machine has really helped me out a lot. It now has a 500GB RAID1 storage array for music, movies, games, and backups of my laptop. Its a torrent box, uPnP server (for getting media to the 360), web server, phone proxy, and probably a couple other things I forgot. There are a few choice pieces of software I miss that are Windows only, but both of them have plans in the future to release Linux versions.

It's crazy to think that just 2 years ago, I didn't know anything about Linux, let alone hosting a website. I will have to say, that my experiences with my Linux server are invaluable to me. I have learned so much about so many different things; from troubleshooting system problems and software problems to writing shell scripts to automate tasks. The whole concept of being thrown into an OS with no idea how anything works is now tolerable for me. Anyways, Happy Birthday Blog and Merry Christmas to all!


P.S. Special thanks to Ben for helping to introduce me to Linux. You really helped me a lot Ben. Thanks!