Snowed In

  • Snowed In

Yesterday the snow began to fall and as of today, there will be upwards of 16" of snow on the ground. This has caused a lot of problems on the roads and a lot of delays around the area. Today is definitely a "sit-at-home-and-relax" day.

Besides the snow, a lot else has happened in the last few months. I finished my co-oping period with ABB in December. It was an enjoyable and valuable experience. It does feel good to be back in school though, I was really starting to miss the academic environment that has become so familiar to me over the last few years. Christmas break was pleasant, we spent some time with family, saw some friends, and burned up a lot of time playing Rock Band and other video games.

Now I'm back in school, and back to the grind. This semester I only have four classes, but they're all engineering courses, so it's a very difficult semester. I am taking VLSI, Operating System Concepts, Electromagnetic Compatibility, and Communications & Signal Processing. Over the summer I'll have to take a few more courses to make sure I can graduate next spring.

Other than that, the last few months have kind of buzzed by. Tim is looking at colleges to attend in the fall and head to France after he graduates in June. Mike is not currently attending school, and is trying to find a job (which he is finding out is very difficult in today's job market) . I spent some time with Nick Koehler over his winter quarter break a couple of weeks ago. Nick will graduate this spring and start working at AEP in Gahanna, OH this summer. Also, Tom Downerd will get married to Ashli Litten this April. Exciting times for all, that's for sure!

Anyways, that's pretty much all for right now. Hopefully I will be able find some time to blog a little bit more often than once every 3 months!