CSS and Ferris Wheels

  • CSS and Ferris Wheels

Wow... Cascading Style Sheets are complex.

I never properly learned or understood how CSS works in larger quantities than just a few lines. Sure I understand the piece parts, but put them together in a huge file, along with other files, throw some HTML in there and wow, I'm lost.

That being said, I think I've fiddled enough with the style sheets of the template that I'm using to be happy. Gone are the days where you only looked at a site on a PC in a few browsers and checked it at different resolutions. Now it has to work on mobile platforms too. I don't even own an Android device, so I have no idea how it looks there. Hopefully if they render like Chrome does on the PC, it should be OK.

The image displayed prevalently in the header of the blog is from Left 4 Dead 2's Dark Carnival level. It was taken/created by a person who runs a website called Dead End Thrills. They take screenshots from video games at a very high resolution sometimes with filters and utilizing mods to get the desired effect. Another person that does something very similar is Electric Blue.

Unfortunately, it would seem that some of the images that I borrowed from the site a few years ago are now gone. I may contact them to see if they can confirm the image is theirs, because my memory is a bit fuzzy and the file names are all numeric.

Anyhow, IMO the site looks decent. Not too shabby for a Sunday evening.

On another note, Deb and I spent a few hours playing the ESOnline Beta this weekend. It was pretty enjoyable, for the most part. More to come on that later though. I've been considering writing up short game reviews from my perspective (gamers with jobs POV). Short, sweet and simple. Maybe 200 words or less, or something, just to make it challenging. That, however, is another day...