(dLife/dt) = Significant

  • (dLife/dt) = Significant

So much has happened since my last post and a lot of things were left out of my post from when I started the blog. Four years ago was the last time I wrote about anything life releated. Let's start with a quick bulleted list, ordered by significance.

  • Engaged to Debra
  • Planning wedding for June 2015
  • Living in apartment with Deb and a little orange tabby
  • Completed various projects (which need to be documented!)
  • Went to PAX East twice
  • Traveled to Canada more times in the last 2 years than all of my life (4x for buisness, 2x for pleasure)
  • Migrated the blog to a more reliable/faster machine
  • Working at Meggitt full-time as CSeries Lead Software Engineer for the Brake Control System

I'm sure there are other things that just aren't coming to mind, but there's been a lot of changes in four years. This year and last specifically though, have been milestone years. Friends/co-workers having babies, buying homes, traveling the world and starting families. Not necessarily all of those, but that's the gist. I'm getting excited for the future though, as each day passes we're closer to being debt free and can live a bit more comfortably.

It's kind of neat to reflect a bit and see how everything is changing all around you. I pulled a bunch of old photos off my old server (which is now upgraded and running my websites). It was crazy to see some of those old images that I hadn't looked at in a long time. It's funny to imagine different an experience my parents must have had, looking through old photos. Digging out shoe boxes full of old 35mm slides or 4x6 prints, flipping through each photo at a time. Now we just drop all our photos in iPhoto (soon to be Photos.app), Lightroom, or online service and we can scroll thousands of pictures in just a few seconds. Technology consistantly amazes me. Each year the amount of processing power that can be held in the palm of our hands is increasing at least at a linear rate. It truly is an amazing time to be in the technology sector.

A few years ago I realized that I was spending a lot of time on reddit, reading basically what amounted to junk (/r/adviceanimals, /r/pic, /r/ragecomics/, etc). I culled a lot of my subreddits, and recently did the same again. Reddit can be a blackhole of cat pictures and stupid comics, or a great place to find people with common interests (/r/cigars, /r/photography, /r/makeupaddiction, /r/audiophile, etc.).

As a last word, I'm hoping to waste less time on the internet with frivolous crap to instead write and create content more frequently. It really is a good excercize for the mind, and doesn't even take that much time.