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CSS, Javascript, Handlebars, HTML, ZOMG, etc...

So many things involved in web development, I'm kind of glad that it isn't my day job. Trying to get all the elements in a page to line up and play nice. Checking the layout on different platforms. Testing performance on various devices. Damn man, talk about complicated.

When I first started tweaking this template, I thought it would end with me in a rage induced fit. Fortunately, it's worked out OK, but I'm sure I'll tweak it later.

I'm sure my CSS and Javascript files are atrociouis, by any amatuer web developer's standards. So, if something looks awry or maybe even totally fucked, please send me a little love note. Thanks!


EDIT: I just noticed that my post banner photo has a spelling error in it. Fuck it. I'm not fixing it. I promise I can spell better than that...