The X100T, First Impressions

  • The X100T, First Impressions

Back in August I made an impulse buy, the Fuji X100S. After chatting with the guy at the camera store for a little while, he told me the rumors were Fuji was releasing another camera soon, the X100T. I promptly returned the X100S, waited a week, and preordered the X100T.


I've taken around 200 shots with it, some fair and some really not good. I'm still feeling my way around on a proper camera. The last camera I owned was a SD900, which was a replacement for my SD100 that had broken. Hardly impressive by smartphone cameras these days.

Overall, I love it. The menus and functions are easy to understand, the autofocus is quick and accurate and it's plenty of camera for me to play around with. Below are a few photos I've shot.


Test Shots