Trip to NYC

  • Trip to NYC

Below are the excerpts from our travel journal for our trip to NYC.

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Day One

Day One:

We were plenty early at CAK, almost too early. Thankfully the flight and flight crew were ready to get the plane moving, everyone was boarded and we left earlier than scheduled.

We arrived early at Laguardia. We caught the bus to the subway station and were able to check into the hotel when we arrived. We went to go grab some breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien and suddenly the cops showed up and started banging on one of the bathroom doors. After quite a few bangs followed by "it's the police, open the door", a young couple emerged. The girl looked completely oblivious to the happenings around her. The boy was talking with the cops for a bit before they all four left the restaurant. I overheard the waitstaff stating that the boy had told the cops that he had flushed the drugs. A great introduction to life in NYC.

We immediately went to Rockefeller Center, to see the tree. Not as impressive as we had hoped, at least in the daytime. We decided against skating and opted for shopping instead. We headed off to Nintendo World. Back to the POD hotel. It was small, but bearable. We hadn't planned on spending a lot of time there anyhow.

Determined to try Todd English Food Hall in the Plaza Hotel, we missed the subway stop and had to walk back. The fare was really good, but also pretty expensive. Since the Apple Storeon 5th Ave is in the same area, we decided to decend into the giant glass cube. We visited FAO Swartz, in the same area. What a huge toy store.

We walked a good distance to the Guggenheim Museum, only to find that it is closed on Thursdays. Since the Metropolitan Museum is just down the street, we visited it instead. We stayed until closing, about 1.5 hours then we headed back to the POD.

For our last stops of the day, we settled on Times Square and John's Pizza in Times Square. Times Square was impressive, but way too busy for me. John's Pizza was quite tasty. We walked around, with the general goal to make it back to Rockefeller Center, to take the subway back to POD 51. We found some interesting things to look at, took some pics of the tree and left. All good fun for one day's work. Deb was so tired, she fell asleep as we were writing the entry for the first day.

Day 2

Day Two:

Slowly awoke about 8 AM and got ready to leave. We found a little pastry shop that was in Grand Central Station, Financier Patisserie. We scarfed some pastries and took the subway towards Battery Park to start our second day with a visit to Lady Liberty.

Once there, we proceeded through the various lines and a security checkpoint to take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty. After wandering around Liberty Island for a while, we took the next ferry to Ellis Island. It was a really interesting place, with a lot of history. There's a museum on the island that was recently created, only existing since 1990.

Back at Battery Park, we headed towards the World Trade Center. Overcome by hunger, we found an English pub type restaurant, right off of Wall St. The food was decent, but the service was horrible for the price of the food. $35 for two sandwiches and some soup, ouch.

We walked down the street to the World Trade Center, to take a few photos. After that, we hopped on the train again, to visit Ferrara Pastries, as recommended by Jerry DeLiberato.

We next headed uptown to visit MoMA. UNIQLO hosts a free admission night every Friday, of which we happened to arrive right in the middle. We decided to visit tomorrow, and visited the gift shop before leaving.

Debra REALLY wanted to visit Kate Spade's flagship store on Maddison Ave. We walked for 100 blocks to get there (ok, maybe more like 14). She found a purse she really liked, and adopted it. We took the subway back to the POD. Tom has a fever. Deb has a headache. We walked to Wal-Green's and bought some drugs. Grabbed some takeout from TreeHaus Cafe and ended our day.

Day 3

Day Three (Dawn of the Final Day - 24 hours remain):

Started off the day with breakfast at the POD Café. Finished and headed to MoMA. Spent a few hours walking around, and then left to get soup from the Original Soupman. We took the soup and went back to the hotel for a little warm-up and to grab some extra layers.

After lunch, we walked to Sephora on 5th Ave. The crowds were out in full force, examining every detail of the window displays. We left Sephora and caught a bus Uptown to visit the Guggenheim. We spend a couple hours there then rode the subway to the Empire State Building. We had an excellent dinner at STATE Bar & Grill, then rode up to the 86th for a view of the city from the observation deck. We bought our NY trip souvenir, a small crystal ESB, and went to the basement for some well deserved Starbucks. We hopped a train back to the POD and passed the fuck out.

Day 4

Day Four (Final Destination: Home):

Well, we're sitting in the airport, the last day of our trip. Flight is delayed by currently 4 hours (departs at 11:30pm to arrive at 1:30am. Looking like it might be a long night.

As for the day, the last day of our trip, it was a solid end to a whirlwind NYC tour. We woke up and trekked to Uptown for breakfast. We first tried Norma's, but found it was going to be a 1.5 hour wait. We headed a little north to Sarabeth's. Food was great! Debra has a dish with scrambled eggs, Lox and cream cheese. I had beef short rib hash with eggs on top and a side of tomatillo salsa. Both were really tasty and reminded me of fare similar to The Blue Door.

After breakfast we traveled downtown to the Museum of Sex. It was a short but entertaining and interesting set of exhibits. After that we walked to the closest Victoria Secret store, which was in Manhattan Mall. Unimpressed, we traveled up the road a couple blocks to the flagship store. There, four huge floors of VS apparel awaiting us. All types of lingerie, from the run-of-the-mill panties to a $1500 robe thing (my words, not Deb's.)

From there, our last planned destination was High Line Park in Chelsea. It's a park built on an old elevated train line that runs many city blocks north and south. We walked a good portion of it, from 30th street down to 16th street. On W 17th St and 10th Ave, there is a pizza place called Artichoke Pizza. We had a wedge sampler with three different types of pizza. Definitely a good slice. We left there with full stomachs, grabbed our luggage from the hotel and headed to the airport. Now we sit, with the other CAK bound passengers, waiting for the aircraft to arrive, all the while being tortured by the idea of a cockroach climbing up our legs. Certainly not quite the ending I pictured to a great getaway.