The Final Countdown!

  • The Final Countdown!

Wedding time is closing in upon us. After being engaged for 607 days, it's about time it happened.

Both Debra and I are hard at work creating things for all the details of the wedding. She's making centerpieces from fake flowers and wine bottles (Picture to be added); I'm making signs in Adobe Illustrator. It's crazy chaotic, but really fun and exciting in the process.

So now that we're in the home stretch, it's good to know that eventually we'll have to "put down the metaphorical pencil" and finally be finished. I think, for the most part, everything is coming together pretty nicely. There's no major issues, at the moment, that are in need of solution.

Post wedding, I plan write a blog post to share all of the various things we've made and created for our wedding, along with detailing all of the things we did to make it a "nerd wedding".

For now though, I'm just hoping to make it through the next 32 days without going completely crazy.